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2024 Team / Joeys Registration Form

This registration form is for...

  • Current members* of Kemp Mill Swim Club (KMSC) registering swimmers for the Swim Team and/or Joeys
  • Online credit card payment

*Trial members may attend Swim Team and/or Joeys practices once their trial period begins.

Returning Athletes and Parents: Please LOG IN (above), and SwimTopia will pre-fill your children's information from last year (if they were registered). Verify and/or Edit the pre-filled information, and add any other children you want to register for the Team and/or Joeys.

To volunteer for a season-long position, contact the team Rep at [email protected].

Kangaroos 2024 Fees

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Looking forward to a great summer!

-- Alyssa and Noam, 2024 Kangaroos Reps

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Volunteer Job Comments

Please let us know about any volunteer job topics important to you (e.g. can't stand for more than an hour due to broken leg, love working in the Kangaroo Kafe, etc.). List all dates that you are NOT available to volunteer.

2024 Code of Conduct

The Kemp Mill Kangaroos strive to provide a safe and fun environment for swimmers of all experience levels to learn proper swimming techniques, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and enjoy the experience of team competition.

It is the duty of all Kangaroos and their families to:

  • Refrain from disruptive behavior that interferes with the safety of and/or respect due to others.
  • Emphasize and demonstrate good sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of swimming officials, both Kangaroos and opponents.
  • Follow Montgomery County Swim League rules. Speaking with an official can get a swimmer or the whole team disqualified from a meet. Bring issues to a Kangaroos Rep, not swimming officials.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of coaches. Trust that the coaches know the rules.
  • Speak with coaches after practices, not during practices or meets.
  • Mind the coaches. If you don’t understand a coach’s instructions, talk to him/her immediately.
  • Keep coaches informed. If a swimmer cannot continue a practice, tell a coach. If the swimmer can resume, tell a coach and return to the water.
  • Accept decisions of the coaches for all entries of individuals and relay teams in meets.
  • Respect the property, equipment, and facilities of KMSC families and opponents.
  • Avoid using profanity.
  • Never use threatening or abusive language, gestures, or behavior. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Treat visiting officials, teams and spectators as honored guests, with courtesy.
  • Encourage and support team members and opponents rather than criticizing them. Work together.
  • Arrive on time for practices and meets, prepared to swim.
  • Try your best at practices and meets to support the team.
  • Contribute to the team through volunteering at meets, home and away. The team requires an adult from each family to be available to volunteer at each meet in which your swimmer participates. If you know you won’t be available for a particular meet, please notify the Team Rep as soon as possible.
  • Supervise non-swimming children at the pool during practices and meets. KMSC rules require children under 10 be supervised by an adult at all times. During a volunteer shift, non-swimming children must be supervised by a non-volunteering adult. If you cannot volunteer at an assigned shift, please notify the Team Rep.
  • Coaches are not responsible for supervising children during practices or meets.
  • Keep Emergency Contact information updated.
  • Avoid excessive absences.

In swimming, as in life, treat others as you would have them treat you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Breaking the code of conduct may result in loss of team participation privileges for the swimmer and/or his/her family. Discipline problems will not be tolerated.

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In Loco Parentis

In the event that I (or my spouse or other guardian) am not present during a swimming practice, meet, or event involving my/our children listed above, I/we authorize the KMSC, Inc.'s swimming instructor, coaches, or manager or assistant manager to act IN LOCO PARENTIS, that is, as my/our exclusive agent with respect to deciding whether my/our child is able to complete safely a practice session or a swimming competition, and also for the purpose of obtaining emergency medical service, including transportation to a hospital or medical care facility. This agreement and authorization applies to any practice, swim meet, or any other activity involving the swim team for which I (or my spouse/ or other guardian) am not present. I/We also agree to pay all costs arising out of the emergency medical service, including transportation, which KMSC, Inc.'s swimming instructor, coaches, or manager or assistant manager may authorize under this agreement for the benefit of my/our child. In the event of a dispute regarding costs arising between me/us and either the ambulance operator or the hospital, or both, under this authorization, I/we shall have no recourse against KMSC, Inc., or any of its employees, agents, management, directors, or members. The children listed above are in good health and have permission to swim on the KEMP MILL SWIM TEAM this year. The KEMP MILL SWIM CLUB, Inc., its officers, coaches, employees, agents, and all its members are released from all claims for any injury sustained in connection with any swim meet, practice, or event, or while traveling to or returning from a swim meet or event. By registering and entering my initials here, I/we agree to this authorization.

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