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Kemp Mill Swim Club Swim Lessons 2023

Lessons Information:

Lessons are $30 for a single-person lesson and $45 for a two-person lesson (both swimmers must be at the same skill level/age range). 

You must be a current member of the Kemp Mill Swim Club to sign up for lessons (lessons are open to trial members only during the dates when their membership is active). 

Atara Parness will be giving lessons this year, along with coordinating our Lessons program. Thomas Shelton will also be giving lessons this year. 

Payment must be made at the time of the lesson in cash or check (made out to the instructor). 

Please note: The swim lesson sign-up schedule is updated on an ongoing basis throughout the summer based on instructor availability. We will continue to add more lessons slots throughout the summer, as they become available. 

For further inquiries, or to be added to the Lessons email list, please email  [email protected]

Lessons Instructor / Coordinator: Atara Parness

This year, Atara Parness will be running our swim lessons program, in addition to giving lessons. Atara is the KMSC Pool Manager, and an 11-year member of the Kemp Mill Kangaroos, and has been a swim instructor and Joeys pre-team instructor since 2019.
Please click here to see the schedule of available lessons with Atara Parness, and to sign up.

Lessons Instructor: Thomas Shelton
This year, Thomas Shelton will be one of the lessons instructors. Thomas is one of our KMSC lifeguards and has been a member of the Swim Team for 7 years, helping with Joeys for the past four. When not at Kemp Mill, Thomas is a competitive swimmer and water polo player.
Please click here to see the schedule of available lessons with Thomas Shelton, and to sign up.
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